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The First Group Asset Management is a team that combines more than 50 years of experience in the global hotel, hospitality and property industries. As asset managers, they have the expertise, industry knowledge and connections to help ensure your investment brings you top returns.

With more than 2,000 properties under management in Dubai alone, TFG Asset Management offers clients an unrivalled combination of market knowledge and professionalism.

TFG Asset Management is a one-stop shop for developers, owners and investors looking to outsource their asset management capabilities. TFG Asset Management can manage every step of a property’s development, from the pre- and post-construction phase, to handover and leasing requirements and ongoing day-to-day operations. TFG Asset Management provides clients with the highest levels of service and the certainty that their assets are being professionally managed and leveraged to their maximum potential.From our headquarters located in Dubai, our team is ideally placed to help clients across the region and beyond.

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(English) Mariano Faz, (English) Vice President TFG Asset Management

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(English) Hani Mansour, Head of Asset Management

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(English) Anthony Lagrabette, (English) Asset & Revenue Manager

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(English) Lucca Martin, (English) Asset Analyst at TFG Asset Management

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(English) Danish Paul, (English) Asset Analyst at TFG Asset Management

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Danny Lubert, Co-Founder and Joint Chairman

Danny Lubert’s devotion to the global property market and aptitude for detecting emerging markets has proved extremely successful, taking the group of companies to the United Kingdom, Spain, Cyprus, South East Asia, West Africa, CIS countries, the United Arab Emirates, and the US. With a background in commerce and mathematics, Lubert specialises in financial structuring, acquisition and marketing.

Rob Burns, Chief Operating Officer

Rob Burns is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where he studied Business, Marketing, and Hotel & Resort Management. His career in property development dates back to 1986, spanning the U.S., United Kingdom, Europe, CIS, Africa and the Middle East. He has a diverse background in a wide array of disciplines including the direction of sales and marketing operations, brand advertising, database marketing, direct mail, telesales, print and public relations, as well as extensive interactive experience. Having worked with major institutions around the world, Burns began his journey with The First Group as Chief Marketing Officer prior to being promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Rashad Barajakly, Chief Investment Officer

Rashad brings a wealth of expertise to The First Group, drawing from a strong background in finance and investment banking in the US and Dubai. He held senior positions in New York and Atlanta before joining DIFC. From there he went on to assist in the launch of DIFX and later furthered his banking career by working with NBK Capital and boutique investment companies. His experience of operations and finance in both private and public companies makes him an extremely valuable asset to The First Group.

(English) Amr Al Bawab, (English) Chief Construction Officer

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